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Shaan Souliere

Project Beacon Intake Case Manager

Phone: 773-275-5871
Address: 3401 W. Ainslie St., Chicago, IL 60625
Brief info

Anishinaabe Nation

Shaan Souliere is a member of Garden River First Nation Band of Ojibwes and a new resident of Chicago. She is a Victims Advocate certified to serve survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence and earned Certificates of Training for “Beauty from Ashes” / ALET-Advanced Leadership Education at Garden River First Nations. Raised in a home where socio-political issues among First Peoples were emphasized just as much as faith, music, and the arts, Shaan developed deep spiritual roots alongside a passion for equity for her people at a young age. Driven to pursue a balanced, hands-on way of experiencing life, Shaan’s professional experience is eclectic, from social justice to health and wellness, reflecting her respect for the diverse nature of creation and the belief that profound change within a society begins with healing the heart of its people. Shaan enjoys reading, sketching, writing, photography, video games, stopping to pet every dog and cat she sees, thunderstorms, her bed, and a good honest belly laugh. Also, coffee. Lots of coffee.