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Announcement: Recruitment for AIC Board of Directors


November 13, 2020

CONTACT: Ben Krause-Decorah, Chairman of the AIC Nomination Committee | 312-995-3745


AIC is seeking interested persons who are willing to serve in a governance capacity of the American Indian Center of Chicago (AIC). AIC was founded on September 7, 1953, with assistance from the American Friends Service Committee. AIC remains the oldest urban-based Native membership community center in the United States. AIC formed in response to the growing needs of a rapidly-expanding local American Indian population. Thus, AIC was organized to help Native families cope with the transition from reservation to urban life.



Seat 1: TERM ENDING 02/2021 | Seat 2: TERM ENDING 02/2023


Directors are expected to attend monthly meetings via conference phone or in person, attend one annual meeting, and to serve on one of four sub-committees, Programming, Executive, Nominating, Personnel, and Finance.


All AIC members shall be invited to nominate candidates to the Nomination Committee for the position provided that the nominees shall be registered members of the AIC. AIC members may nominate themselves. All nominees shall be required to fill out an application, cover letter, and background investigation agreement. If nominated by another AIC member, the Board Nomination Committee shall notify all nominees by sending them a summary of director responsibilities and soliciting from them a resume and application as well as a statement about their interest in being a Board member.


The Board Nomination Committee shall screen the nominees. The Board Nomination Committee will select candidates for interviews whose prior experience and expressed interest suggest that they will be most able to contribute breadth of view to the Board’s deliberations as well as effectively represent a holistic segment of the Native community.


Applicants and Nominees must be able to:

  • Adhere to the AIC Mission statement
  • Have knowledge and understanding of the AIC Bylaws and Code
  • Describe how your experience, training and interest can contribute to the improvement of the
  • Identify any commitments which might prevent you from attending regularly scheduled meetings, participation in workshops, other Board duties,
  • The Board shall appoint the nominee who in the judgment of at least three directors of the Board is most likely to contribute to the growth and development of the AIC’s programs and


Interested AIC members should send a resume, cover letter, and application to the AIC Nomination Committee Chairman at the contact information below:


Ben Krause-Decorah                                                    

Chairman of the AIC Nomination Committee                         312-995-3745

Form - Press Release - Recruitment for AIC Board of Directors