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Building Native Power

Building Native Political Power

Amplifying the Voice

The American Indian Center of Chicago has a long term vision to amplify the voice of Indigenous Peoples living in the Chicagoland area. The issues and causes we engage have a common goal to empower Chicago Natives with the knowledge and tools needed to arrive at solutions that win equity, self-determination, and justice for our community.

Spirit of Activism

The very spirit of activism and organizing is a long-lived tradition in our Chicago Native community going back to 1953 (Modern) when the American Indian Center was established by a group of Natives arriving in Chicago during the Relocation Era. This group of Relocated American Indians was sent to Chicago by the United States government in the attempt to assimilate American Indian people by further removing them from their Communities, Land, and Traditions. The American Indian Center and our community continue to be the resistance of the designed processes of assimilation.

Integrated Voter Engagement

The AIC is moving toward developing models for Integrated Voter Engagement (IVE) within the Chicago Native Community. IVE is a year-round effort that connects voter engagement to issue-based organizing to build mobilization, political power, sustainability, and impact throughout multi-year election cycles.