Hiring: Cultural and Education Programs Manager

Position Summary

American Indian Center of Chicago (AIC) seeks a competent Programs Director to support the Executive Director (ED) in organizational planning and monitoring progress of the AIC. The Programs Manager will also be working to enhance productivity and ensure compliance with rules, regulations, and policies set forth by the Board of Directors. The Programs Manager should be well-versed in performance and operations management and competent in assuming delegated duties. They are leaders and critical thinkers, ready to solve problems before they become obstacles. The goal is to help the organization attain objectives of productivity and employee satisfaction. The ideal candidate will have a background in nonprofit and/or program management, excellent interpersonal and written skills, fundraising and grant writing experience, knowledge of financial management, and a demonstrated commitment to promoting traditional values and practices of Native American Indian culture. The Programs Manager reports to the Executive Director. This is a full-time position with an immediate start date.

About American Indian Center of Chicago

The American Indian Center of Chicago (AIC) has a long history of serving American Indians. Established in 1953, this Center is the first Urban Indian Center in the country. Federal policies such as termination and the Indian Relocation program of the 1950s brought thousands of American Indians from all over the country to metropolitan Chicago. Because of this influx of reservation Indians, AIC was organized to help Native families cope with the transition from reservation to urban life. Today, the American Indian Center serves as a gathering place for the Native community in Chicago. Programs provided by the Center all have a focus on culture as a tool for healing and community engagement as well as providing the necessary visibility for the American Indian community in a city that ignores them all too frequently.

Duties and Responsibilities

Governance and Leadership

  • Assist in developing and implementing plans and goals for the organization.
  • Work with the ED to coordinate and supervise daily operations.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies.
  • Monitor attainment of objectives.
  • Undertake personnel responsibilities (interviewing, training, evaluating etc.)
  • Assist in budgeting and monitoring expenses.
  • Maintain scheduling of events and represent the company when needed.
  • Create reports and submit them to the ED and Programs Committee.
  • Fulfill duties as assigned by the ED and Executive Committee.
  • Serve as a resource to the Board so policy decisions are made on an informed basis.
  • Keep the ED and Executive Committee informed of significant issues affecting programs and services.
  • Serve as staff on Board Committees.

Resource Development

  • Work with the ED and Executive Committee to implement special fundraising initiatives.
  • Assist in the development and preparations of grant proposals for submission to funding sources.
  • Assist in the process of staff development consistent with community needs and within the constraints of AIC’s physical and financial resources.
  • Assist in the development of the annual budget with the ED and Finance Committee for evaluation and modification as needed.
  • Assist in the annual fund development plan and develop targeted funding proposals consistent with the plan.
  • Recruit, select, and ensure orientation and on-going training opportunities for staff and volunteers.
  • Create an organizational plan for managing employees.
  • Oversee the research and development of community needs to ensure the proper programming is in place, under the direction of the ED and Programs Committee.

Internal Operations & Management

  • Provide grant management oversight to ensure the program compliance and reporting requirements by funding agencies are met and report to ED and Programs Committee for approval.
  • Ensure availability of timely financial reports by staff to present to the ED and Finance Committee.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of facilities, furniture and equipment.
  • Assist in the compliance with all local, state, and federal reporting.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the ED and the Programs Committee.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Three (3) years supervisory or management experience in a nonprofit environment or similar work experience
  • Ability to work flexible schedules, including evenings and weekends
  • Ability to travel 50 miles or more
  • Experience initiating, planning, implementing and evaluating nonprofit programs
  • Demonstrated fundraising experience
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Must pass a criminal background check

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s degree from an accredited college or university. Must provide official transcripts at time of interview

– OR –

  • Five (5) years supervisory or management experience in a nonprofit environment

– OR –

  • Ten (10) years supervisory or management experience within a Native American Indian community


  • $50,000-$60,000/yr. contingent on experience, referral, and references
  • Bonuses may be available at the sole discretion of the Executive Director

To Apply

Submit a cover letter, resume and three (3) letters of recommendation or references from professional organization’s leader(s) (Tribal Chairman, CEO, Manager, etc.) to melodi@aicchicago.org Please note Programs Director in the title of the email.

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