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Press Release: American Indian Center Solidarity & Action


June 2nd, 2020

CONTACT: Heather Miller, Executive Director | 773-275-5871

American Indian Center Solidarity & Action

Chicago, IL. The acts of terrorism rooted in racism that took the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are tragic but all too familiar. 

The call for justice being led by Black communities is happening now. As the American Indian Center and the Native community, we feel the sorrow and justified anger of our Black relatives. Centuries of violence inflicted on Black, Indigenous, and Brown bodies through the acts of police violence have led us to our current crossroads. 

It is our choice what we do in this moment and we must rise together for our collective liberation. We must create space for one another during this moment, to heal our collective pain, and to acknowledge the anger and dehumanization many are experiencing as we try to envision a better future for the next seven generations. 

In light of the ongoing violence happening in our city, we continue to stand with our Black Communities and allow them to take lead in an attempt to address the anti-Blackness in our city. One way we are urging folx to protect Black bodies here in our city is to urge Chicago Public Schools to remove all police known as School Resource Officers (SROs) from our schools and close all the booking stations inside of our Public High Schools. We have until today to make comments on the 33 million dollar agreement between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Police department. Demand we stop the policing and criminalization of Black and Brown children in our schools.

#BlackLivesMatter #defundpolicing

In Solidarity,

The American Indian Center


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