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Carla Witulski

Board Member

Brief info

Working as a “Public Servant Representative” for the Secretary of State of Illinois has taught Carla values of respecting various ideas, people, and communities. Patience is her strongest attribute along with being able to effectively intercede as part of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic team, and multi-socioeconomic team. Because of this, she believes in working towards social justice, fair education, and equality.

Carla is married with two kids. Her daughter is a freshman in college and her son is a junior in high school. Carla has been continually active, guiding them though life with a plethora of activities that help make them who they are today, and helping them navigate through their education an obtaining top tier high schools such as Lane Tech and Whitney Young.
Carla’s educational background is in Network Engineering, Technical Support, Analytical and Troubleshooting issues related to hardware, software & installation, interconnecting networks using routers, switches, and administration.