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American Indian Center Identity

The AIC logo is a crucial part of our identity and a valuable asset. It represents the AIC organization, our history, the community, and is the foundation of our visual identity. Allowing organizations to use our logo can imply that we favor, endorse, or are collaborating with them, which is why the AIC is very careful with its use.

Please read and be advised of our logo usage guidelines to ensure a consistent and proper presentation of our logo and associated colors and fonts.

Logo Use

Permission Requests

Any entity outside of the AIC organization may not use the AIC logo without the express permission from the AIC. The logo should not be altered, recreated, or cropped in any manner.


The AIC Primary Logo is the preferred format for all high visibility applications. The AIC Alternate Logo may be used in applications to save space.

The AIC full-color logo should be the first logo version to be used. The AIC mono and single color logos are allowed in applications that desire to reduce resources used.

  • Do not alter, recreate, or crop the AIC logo artwork.
  • Do not alter AIC logo fonts.
  • Do not put text on top of the AIC logo.
  • Do not reproduce the AIC logo in colors other than those specified in these guidelines.
  • The AIC logo must be uniformly scaled and not distorted in any manner.
  • Do not add drop shadows to the AIC logo.
  • Do not change the orientation of the AIC logo.

Colors & Fontsets

AIC Colors
The essential components of the AIC logo are the designated color scheme for specific cultural representation and quality graphic design practices. Accurate reproductions of the AIC logo colors are crucial.

American Indian Center Chicago Native American Indigenous AIC Logo UseThe AIC Logo’s primary colors are Raisin Black, Upsell Red, Urobolin (gold), and Baby Powder.

Raisin Black
HEX: #221E22
CMYK: C-72 M-69 Y-62 K-73
RGB: R-34 G-30 B-34

Upsell Red
HEX: #AF2025
CMYK: C-22 M-100 Y-100 K-13
RGB: R-175 G-32 B-37

Orobilin (gold)
HEX: #F2B224
CMYK: C-4 M-32 Y-97 K-0
RGB: R-242 G-178 B-36

Baby Powder
CMYK: C-1 M-0 Y-2 K-0
RGB: R-251 G-253 B-249

The primary font used in the AIC logo is Hanley Block Regular. Suggested free Google Font alternatives are Roboto Slab Bold and Merriweather Black for headlines and Roboto (san serif) for copy.


Art Files

Any entity outside of the AIC organization may not use the AIC logo without the express permission from the AIC.

The zip file provides high-quality versions of the logo in .jpeg and .png formats: American Indian Center Logos (.zip, 6.2 MB).

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